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Sri Lanka is a year-round destination with two monsoon seasons. The weather doesn’t run like clockwork here, and we can always be surprised by the weather in Sri Lanka! However, there will never be weather too dramatic that will stand in the way of a brilliant holiday with plenty of warm weather and sunshine.

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When to visit (Quick Summary)

Best Time

January - April

Monsoon Season

May - July (South-West Monsoon)
October - January (North-East Monsoon)

Beach Season

January - April (South)
May - July (East)


December - April (Bundala National Park - birds)
November - April (Kalpitya - dolphins)
July - September (The Cultural Triangle
- The Gathering of the Elephants)

January - March

A fantastic time to travel across the whole country, Sri Lanka is basking in sunshine and dry all over throughout these months. Temperatures will be lovely and warm, although a touch cooler up in the Hill Country. Beaches on both sides of the island are dry, hot and sunny.


Arguably the driest and hottest month of the year, April starts to get very hot - especially in the central and Cultural Triangle regions with temperatures at least in the mid-30°Cs. It’s a great month to head to the beach, with clear skies and long, sunny days. Make sure to avoid the hottest hours of the day (11am-3pm) when sightseeing during April.

May - June

The south-west monsoon blows through May and June, but as the name suggests it only affects the south-west quarter of the country such as Colombo and Galle. It is also the more gentle of the two monsoons that Sri Lanka experiences, with mainly short and sharp showers that tend to pass quite quickly.

July - September

This is what is known as "inter-monsoon" season, meaning that spare the odd shower, the weather is great at this time of year. Temperatures remain high across the country at around 29°C average and the beaches are hot and dry. All in all, a great period to travel.

October - November

The north-east monsoon blows in October and November, and it is the heavier of the two monsoons that Sri Lanka experiences. Whilst the name may lend itself to the north-east only, this monsoon does in fact affect the whole country. This monsoon can be unpredictable – it can be stronger, lighter or more sporadic than past years, and sometimes it never comes at all!


December is usually a great month to travel if the monsoon winds down, with nice, hot and dry weather across the island. The rains will also have helped thicken out the lush green landscapes, making it an exceptionally beautiful time to enjoy the rural parts of Sri Lanka.


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Frances’s first travel experience was when she moved to Papua New Guinea at 6 months old. After that she moved around, predominantly in Europe:  Istanbul, Milan, Munich and Amsterdam, before moving to Kolkata, India.  Living and travelling in India is what first ignited her interest for exploring new places and since then she has been to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal and parts of Australia and New Zealand.  Asia has always been her preferred destination for travel because of great cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and Bombay.  While they are huge, chaotic and disorganised at the best of times they somehow still manage to function and Frances is always surprised by how many things do work!

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