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What to eat in Singapore in 24 hours?

by Sam Clark

In my opinion Singapore is one of the finest place to eat in the world – in terms of good food per square footage I would say it is totally unbeatable.

Singapore food

Singapore food

I’m in on way to New Zealand via Singapore and I have a 24 hour stopover. Keen to remind myself od the flavours I remember, I asked a friend who was brought up in Singapore and returns often to tell me what to eat given 24 hours in Singapore.

She told me to head directly to one of the major hawker centres – such as East Coast Parkway or Newton Circus and get started. She gave me the following list:

– BBQ Stingray
– Char Quayteow (noodle)
– Lakse
– Satay
– Hainam Chicken Rice (how can plain chicken and rice taste this good?)
– Any Crab at all! (e.g. pepper and chilli)
– Roti Prata (roti + gravy)
– Singapore Chicken Curry
– Kankong Vegetable
– Fried Baby Squid

She says there is much more too – but not sure I could eat it all this in 24 hours. We’ll see…