• Tipping is not common practice in Malaysia and most won’t expect it. In some tourist hot spots you may notice 10% service charge added to your restaurant bill. Otherwise tipping will be discretionary. Here’s our suggested guidelines for you holiday.

  • Co-founder of Experience Travel Group, Tom Armstrong, discovered the hidden riches of Malaysia. On an in-depth research trip, he found some fantastic experiences you could include in your holiday, the Suka Suka Homestay is but one example. Here he reviews his time with Aziz and family, the hosts – I hope you’ll feel inspired.

  • Nestled in the dense forests of Ulu Muda forest, The Earth Lodge is one of the most unique and remote lodges in all of Southeast Asia. It provides an adventure guests will likely remember for the rest of their lives. Here, co-founder of Experience Travel Group, Tom, reviews his Earth Lodge experience.

  • If you’ve ever had the pleasure to experience the charms of Malaysia’s Pangkor Laut Resort, chances are you would have dined at its Chinese restaurant known simply as Uncle Lim’s Kitchen. Celebrating his auspicious 80th birthday-milestone in 2014, the talent (and name) behind Uncle Lim’s Kitchen shares his story.

  • Travel expert Becky reveals the story behind her career in travel. Whisked away as a child to the tropical riches of Malaysia, the food, history, architecture and landscapes captured her imagination. It was then she decided she wanted to travel for the rest of her life and pursue a career in the industry. Here she shares her life-changing experience:

  • Our Belmond insider Clare shares her top tips for making an Eastern and Oriental train ride extra special. The carriages journey from Bangkok to Singapore and back and it’s a fantastic way to experience the countryside, villages and towns through Southeast Asia. Over to Clare:

  • The Datai’s resident naturalist, Irshad Mobarak, shares his thoughts on the benefits of nature. A tradition of Mandi Embun runs through Malay culture, this describes a walk through forests to soak up the atmosphere and unwind. The luxurious rainforest resort The Datai is the perfect place to try it out for yourself; indulge in some low-tech relaxation and marvel in the magnificence of the surrounding thousand-year-old rainforest.