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India can feel overwhelming in its vast choice – there’s a whole subcontinent for you to explore! But a holiday in India doesn’t have to be hard work! It’s a fantastic, relaxing, lovely, frustrating and beautiful country, all at once. Each state has its own identity so we recommend taking it slow so you have time to get under the fabric of the country and discover its rich history and culture. There is such diversity, plenty for multiple holidays!

Whether it is the tropical southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, famous for the backwaters, tea hills, colourful temples and relaxing beaches; the princely state of Rajasthan with the grand Palaces, imposing Forts and bustling markets; or the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh for remote wildlife experiences – there is truly something for everyone in India.

Many of the small heritage hotels are incredibly unique – whether it be a haveli, fort or palace and our signature experiences allow you to see a timeless India in an easy way.

Our India travel blog combines tales from our travel team, expert advice and ways to see the country from a different perspective. We hope it provides some inspiration – and don’t hesitate to get in touch to start planning your own luxury India journey.