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Slow-paced, seductive and eminently inspiring, Laos is a Southeast Asian country that sings to its own tune. Life here is gentle; the cities are small, the scenery is staggering, and warmth from the people suffuses the air.

Surprisingly, travel to Laos has not taken off in the same way as Thailand or Vietnam – but, for those in the know, that makes it all the more special. French influences blend into traditional architecture and pastimes; a typical evening might involve sipping Lao beer over a game of petanque in a colonial square, as you work up an appetite for a sizzling local barbecue. Don’t be deterred by the lack of coastline either; this landlocked gem more than compensates with sandy-banked rivers and tranquil mountain getaways.

Our Laos travel blog combines tales from our travel team, expert advice and ways to see the country from a different perspective. We hope it provides some inspiration – and don’t hesitate to get in touch to start planning your own Laos journey.