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Food and drink experiences in Asia

Asia is home to some of the most delicious and dynamic food in the world. From the world-renowned dishes of Thailand, Vietnam and India to the lesser-known but equally mouthwatering cuisines of Sri Lanka, Laos and Malaysia, the flavours of Asia need to be experienced to be beleived. Here we talk about our favourite food and drink experiences in Asia.

Covering everything from street food to Michelin star restaurants, you’ll learn about favourite places to eat and drink in Asia. From Pad Thai to Kathi rolls, to Pho and dosas, we know the scoop. We also know where to find the best gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian delights.

And it’s not just the food. You’ll find tea plantations in Sri Lanka, India and Southeast Asia, as well as coffee farms (Vietnamese coffee is definitely worth a try) and cocktails galore across the region (mixology is big in Hanoi and Bangkok, and we love arrack, the local tipple of Sri Lanka). And you can’t beat a G&T after an amazing day of experiencing the destination you’re in.

Are we missing any of your favourite food and drink experiences in Asia?  If so, we NEED to know them!