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The ETG Take On Travel

The ETG take on travel is a little different to most. We are not just travel experts: we are passionate, experienced travellers. And our experience has taught us that you don’t need to see all the main sights to understand a country. To us, the magic of travel is often found in unplanned moments, people you meet along the way. Our holidays create the conditions for chance encounters, allowing time and space for travellers to discover the destination on their own. We also believe in travelling ethically and sustainably; in being fair to our partners, and to travellers too.

So the ETG take on travel will give you tangible tips to create ‘our’ kind of holidays. We want to help all travellers make informed decisions when planning your holidays, that lead to better travel. Of course, should you book a trip with us, we will be there to help you with that every step of the way.