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Built during the Khmer Empire and once the biggest pre-industrial city in the world, the Temples of Angkor often steal the limelight in Cambodia. But we truly believe Cambodia is a destination in its own right; as incredible as the Angkor complex is, the country deserves to be explored more deeply.

Cambodia is stunningly beautiful: amazingly biodiverse national parks, stunning paddy-strewn countryside, a beguiling mix of Khmer and French architecture, beautiful coastline and a new array of luxury island beaches. And yes, an incredibly poignant and gruelling recent history.

This blog includes stories from our community of travellers on Cambodian life, how the country is emerging from the horrors of the past century and, despite all they suffered, the genuine warmth of the people. Combine this with information on amazing places to stay and fun activities and we hope you will see why a lot of people, including Team ETG, have fallen in love with Cambodia.