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The magical kingdom of Bhutan is often described as a ‘mystery’. But to us at Experience Travel Group, travel to Bhutan hardly feels mysterious. After a holiday, most travellers are stunned by the connections they make; the warm and friendly people who are all too eager to share their distinctive way of life. Don’t be fooled by the mystery: all explorers are welcome.

The Bhutanese are passionate about protecting culture and their pristine environment. The country was for a long time closed to tourists and, as such, remained a capsule of living history. But these days, modernisation is starting to edge in and no one can say how much longer it will stay the same. That’s why we would love travellers to experience the country now, while its distinctive heritage continues to thrive.

On this travel blog, we’ll share stories from our community of travellers and travel experts to grant a little insight into what makes travel here so magical. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk to a specialist about a holiday, or download our complimentary travel guide for more inspiration.