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At Experience Travel Group, we hope to help travellers unlock the true magic of the Maldives. Our experts know where to find the best of the best hotels, and what makes each one unique too (we all know that they can all look pretty similar online!). However, we’re also passionate about taking you beyond the beaches and the marine life, and diving into an all-too-often overlooked aspect: the local culture. We can combine your luxury Maldives holiday with an insight into true Maldivian life, whether it’s tasting authentic street food or hopping aboard a local fishing boat. You may also wish to combine the Maldives with Sri Lanka, or another South Asian country; we’d love to help with that too.

We want to help make your Maldives experience unforgettable. Our blog is where you’ll find many of our experts’ tips and advice based on their personal experience, plus inspiring stories from the destination. You’re welcome to browse and equally welcome to give us a call to start planning your own trip.