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Experience Travel Talks: Episode 1

Chambal Safari Lodge

by Sam Clark

Welcome to Experience Travel Talks. To kick off the series, our Co-Founder Sam is taking you with him to one of his favourite heritage homestays in India to meet Anu, the heart and soul behind Chambal Safari Lodge.

Surrounded by birdsong and the gentle rustle of wildlife, Sam chats with Anu – the charming co-owner of Chambal Safari Lodge – about how the family-run retreat came to be (something of a happy accident), what makes this place so special, and her top tips for visiting India.

00:10 – What this vodcast series is all about
00:57 – An introduction to Chambal and the lay of the land
01:34 – The wonderful wildlife that call Chambal home
01:54 – A peek inside the safari lodge
02:35 – Anu sheds light on the lodge’s origin story
05:46 – The little joys of Chambal through Anu’s eyes
07:00 – What makes the surrounding landscape so special
08:15 – Why every type of traveller will love staying here
09:21 – Why Chambal is the perfect antidote to Rajasthan’s hectic cities
09:55 – Gain insights into the nearby villages and their communities
12:42 – The intention behind the lodge’s creation
14:42 – The lodge’s conservation efforts
15:42 – Why the lodge sits in perfect harmony with nature
16:39 – Anu’s tips for travellers visiting India
18:48 – Sam’s take on what makes Chambal so special

Just a few magical moments you’ll experience here…

7) chambal (2)

Meander down the unspoiled Chambal river as it glows golden at sunset

Bateshwar Religious Fair - Copy

Chat to curious villagers by Bateshwar’s ghats


Retreat back ‘home’ to unwind and seek some shade

Chambal River -Indian Skimmers, Image by Eling Lee

Spot Indian skimmers, just one of the many birds that call Chambal home

Tempted to stay at Chambal Safari Lodge?

If so, we’ve got some fantastic holiday ideas for you.

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of Experience Travel Talks

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