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Sharing the Wonder this Christmas

How your ETG holiday is bringing joy to vulnerable children in Southeast Asia

by Sam Clark
A beaming group of children holding their farming projects at Kokkoya Organics Urban Farm in Yangon, Myanmar
From tiny seeds grow mighty trees… Getting down and dirty at Kokkoya Organics urban farm, Yangon, Myanmar

At ETG, we’re all about giving back. It’s why sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do. We passionately believe that travel done right can be life-changing. But while we dream big, we’re also realists. We know our holidays are a privilege available only to a few. That’s why our charity partner for this year and next is the brilliant Share The Wonder (STW).

A child experiences meeting an elephant under supervision from an adult at Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Meeting the local residents Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri, Cambodia


For many young people in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos, life is brutally hard. Born into extreme poverty, these children never get to enjoy their country’s glories like we do. Their chance of a fascinating family outing or school trip is as likely as a trip to the moon.

Share The Wonder is on a mission to change that.

Like us, the charity believes every child deserves to experience travel’s horizon-widening wonders. Especially the ones in their own homeland. By partnering with NGOs, social enterprises, and responsible travel organisations, STW makes that happen. Over the last year, the charity has provided hundreds of disadvantaged children with ‘days out with a difference’.

Designed to get young minds ticking, each trip is packed with hands-on fun to promote community, creativity, and environmental awareness. So, whether visiting a wildlife sanctuary or artisan’s studio, kids can relax and let their curiosity run riot. Rather wonderfully, in helping the children, STW directly supports its local partners’ vital work, too. The domino effect at its most inspirational — it’s genius.


It’s only thanks to your support that we can help fund STW’s transformative trips. Together, here’s what we’ve achieved this year.

Kokkoya Organic Farm, Yangon, Myanmar

Happy children gather round a table eating an organic meal at Kokkoya Organic Farm, Yangon, Myanmar
“I want to live at Kokoya”

Last March, we sponsored three fun-filled trips to this urban farm and social enterprise. An unforgettable day out for children from the streets and slums of Yangon; everyone — staff included — had a blast.

In total, 75 city kids got to paint pots, plant seeds, and play knee-deep in nature, fuelled by a farm-to-fork lunch and lashings of ice cream. A collaboration with local NGO, Sonne Social Organisation, these were SWT’s first Myanmar outings. With your support, we’ll ensure they’re just the start.


Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for our children.

There’s not many other happy carefree events in their lives.”

Sonne Social Organisation

A row of happy children learn about organic farming at Kokkoya Organic Farm, Yangon, Myanmar
"I got to learn about organic farming and composting. I want to build a farm."
The children get creative painting plant pots to take home at Kokkoya Organic Farm, Yangon. March, 2023.
“I was very happy and wish I could go there often.” Painting plant pots to take home at Kokkoya Organic Farm, Yangon. March, 2023.
A group of share the wonder kids get up close with an elephant at Elephant Valley Project in Cambodia

In June, we co-funded a school visit for 27 children to the Elephant Valley Project (EVP). Despite living nearby, this was a rare chance for the kids to learn about elephants, conservation, and the surrounding forest in an interactive, meaningful way.

A day stuffed with smiles and excitement — unsurprisingly, the elephants proved captivating tutors! The kids’ enthusiasm and inventive ideas for protecting their ‘hosts’ and the forest left rangers gobsmacked.


The future of forest protection and conservation for the region starts with these kids, and only by building a love of the elephants and forest will we be able to continue the sanctuary for many years to come. Education is key, and so is collaboration”

Jemma Bullock, Elephant Valley Project


Cambodia’s first and only truly ethical elephant sanctuary; we’re huge fans of EVP’s work. Ecotourism at its best, the NPO also supports the local community and neighbouring Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary. To get the kids excited about conservation, and help EVP was a wonderful double-whammy.


I learned how to protect wildlife and not to hunt.”


I want to be a forest protector and take care of wildlife.”

A group of children learning about elephants at elephant valley project in Cambodia
"I want to help to protect the forest. I will tell my parents and my neighbours to take care of the forest."


We’ll be supporting Share the Wonder next year, so keep an eye out for updates. Until then, all that’s left to say is thank you. Whether you booked with us because you share our values or simply wanted a cracking holiday, we’re making travel better together.

Here’s to a remarkable 2024.

We are extremely thankful that ETG’ customers are helping to help create opportunities for children in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam to have memorable experiences of their own!”

Ameer, Share the Wonder

Donate to Share the Wonder

Help Us Be More Wonder-ful

Been on an ETG holiday and love what we do? Then help us dial up the wonder. Recommend us to anyone you think will love what we do, too. Friends. Family. Colleagues. Your dog’s Instagram followers. Honestly, we’re not fussy. Because for each new booking you send our way this January, we’ll donate £150 to Share The Wonder. That’s enough for six children to have a day out they’ll never forget.

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