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Experience Travel Talks: Episode 2

Shahpura Bagh

by Sam Clark

Here’s Episode 2 of Experience Travel Talks. This time, our co-founder Sam chats with the delightful Singh family at their summer residence, Shahpura Bagh – a natural Eden perfectly placed between Jaipur and Udaipur.

Beside the sun-dappled pool at Shahpura Bagh, Sam chats with Jai Singh and his daughter Darshini about their ancestral home, which has been in their family for a whopping 19 generations and is now one of Rajasthan’s finest – and friendliest – luxury homestays.

00:10 – Introduction to the episode
00:43 – A little about the Singh family
00:57 – Peek inside Shahpura Bagh
01:45 – Discover how the family-run retreat contributes to the community
02:30 – Meet Jai Singh, the current owner and father figure
04:12 – Sam poses the question: ‘What are the intentions behind the guest experience?’
04:22 – Jai sheds light on the ‘slow travel’ aspect of a stay here
05:12 – Harking back to Shahpura in the 1950s and 60s
06:36 – How you’ll feel after a stay at Shahpura
06:57 – Why Shahpura is the perfect addition to a Rajasthan itinerary
08:58 – The retreat’s main draws
09:44 – Shahpura’s delicate footprint
10:35 – Meet Darshini, the owner’s daughter and fellow custodian
11:45 – Ways in which the retreat gives back to the community
13:02 – What Darshini would like to focus on more in the future
13:32 – Sam’s take on what makes Shahpura so special

Some of the sights and sounds that’ll surround you here…

Boat ride on the lakes, Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

Look out for beautiful birdlife as you cross the lake

Private dining on Fort Dhikola, Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

Soak up panoramic views from 16th-century Fort Dhikola

Local village, Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

Hear tinkling sheep bells as you walk through the village

Bathroom, Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

Watch as rays of sunlight flood your spacious suite

As champions of ‘slow travel’…

The Singh family value sustainable and responsible travel hugely. They’ve set up a number of valuable social-outreach initiatives to support the nearby villagers, and they also back local artisans to help keep the region’s rich tapestry of handicrafts alive.

To preserve the area’s natural biodiversity, they work hard to maintain and improve the 200+ lakes on the grounds, which were originally constructed by their ancestors to address the region’s drought-like conditions.

Those of us lucky enough to stay at their ‘summer palace’ also benefit immensely from their work in the community. From wandering around the local village and visiting the family tombs to exploring the lovely lakes and enjoying evening drinks at a local fort that’s been in the family for generations, you feel a sense of tremendous luck, honour and privilege, enabled by the obvious standing in which the family is held locally.

Are you tempted to visit Shahpura Bagh?

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We hope you enjoyed the second episode of Experience Travel Talks

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