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Experience Travel Talks: Episode 3

Chanoud Garh

by Sam Clark

Ready for Episode 3 of Experience Travel Talks? Buckle up – we’re taking you further down Rajasthan’s bumpy roads to Chanoud Garh, a 300-year-old fort-palace with a real family feel. Our co-founder Sam scratches below the surface of this heritage homestay by delving into its history and sharing the owners’ sweet stories

Listen in to Sam’s conversations with the gentle Singh family to discover the stories behind Chanoud Garh including the reason why the siblings returned home to their ancestral fort in 2006 – it’s a touching story.

00:20 – Welcome to the episode
00:50 – Discover the charming village of Chanoud
01:08 – Your first glimpse of Chanoud Garh
01:33 – Learn a little about the Singh family
01:52 – Meet Jairaj Singh, the eldest son of the family
02:19 – Jairaj shares his vision for the homestay (far from your typical hotel)
03:05 – Understand the close connection that the fort has with its surroundings
04:24 – Uncover what makes this luxury homestay so special
04:54 – Discover how Chanoud Garh immerses guests in the village
07:03 – Meet Thakur Ajeet Singh Ji, the family patriarch
08:31 – Meet Swati, the daughter of the house
08:34 – Delve into the homestay’s exquisite interior design and its thoughtful restoration journey
09:44 – Meet Mahiraj, the spirited youngest son
11:17 – Discover one of the touching reasons the siblings returned home
13:19 – Hear what Mahiraj takes pride in most about the homestay
14:12 – Sam shares his impressions of Chanoud Garh

A snapshot of the experiences you can expect here…

Dash along in a Jeep to the bird-rich saltpans nearby

Absorb the atmosphere from your characterful suite

Candle-lit dining, Chanoud Garh, Rajasthan, India, Heritage Hotel

Dine by candlelight in the special dining rooms

Explore the nooks and crannies of this heritage homestay

The lifeblood of the Chanoud community…

To this day, Chanoud Garh plays an integral part in the community by supporting the Chanoud villagers. As well as employing local craftspeople to carefully restore the fort-palace to its former grandeur, the family take their guests on insightful strolls through the village – visiting historical temples, the local school, and little artisan shops along the way – which help keep Chanoud’s distinctive heritage intact.

The homestay’s excursions are all beautifully done and completely ungimmicky (we especially enjoyed visiting the saltflats at sunset, where we shared refreshing G&Ts with our wonderful hosts after our guided walk around the village).

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We hope you enjoyed the third episode of Experience Travel Talks

If you liked what you heard, make sure to stick around for more episodes from the Experience Travel Group. As well as unravelling the stories and family legacies behind our favourite heritage hotels, we’ll be delving deep into our dynamic destinations, and sharing secret spots through the lens of our videographer.

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