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5 reasons why Indonesia is ideal for family fun

by Lola Pasquier

Ever dreamt of going on holiday to Indonesia but wondered whether it’s a good match for your family?

Let’s dive deeper into ‘the unseen’ side of Indonesia (inspired by the Balinese Hindu philosophy, ‘Sekala, Niskala‘), revealing why it’s ideal for family fun… despite being the epitome of a honeymoon destination. Some of these reasons may surprise you:

1. Break free from rigid routines

With its kaleidoscopic landscapes and special kind of energy, Indonesia feels a world away from everyday life back home. While enjoying a change of scene and routine, you’re likely to reconnect and see each other with fresh eyes. What’s more, you’ll be lulled into a slower pace in Indonesia, where the concept of time is more relaxed than ours – nicknamed ‘elastic time’ (Jam Karet).


2. Insights into different ways of living (and being)

It’s impossible not to pick up cultural insights here, as Indonesia’s home to 500+ dialects, 750+ ethnic groups, and many religions… mind-blowing figures, right!? Our great guides can give you insider access to a few different ways of living – from tiptoeing into temples to feasting on fabulously fragrant food with lovely locals. As well as making lasting memories, you’ll nurture your child’s sense of curiosity and awareness of others at the same time – win-win!


Venture into the heart of Bali to see its spiritual side.

3. Adventures of epic proportions

Activities in Indonesia are far from ordinary. Imagine lacing up your walking boots to go on a hike, but rather than walking up hilly or mountainous terrain, you’ll be scaling a volcano with plumes of smoke billowing around you (oh, and, when your children’s legs need a rest, they can hop on a horse). When it comes to water sports, Indonesia delivers in more ways than one: snorkelling, surfing, sailing and white-water rafting to name just a few.


Fuel your family’s adrenaline on this adventure.

4. Weird and wonderful wildlife

As Indonesia is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, even the most jaded of teenagers will be excited by the animals that roam here. Go on a wildlife holiday in Indonesia to dive into colourful coral reefs crammed with exotic fish, step ashore to see the legendary Komodo Dragon in the flesh, or go further afield to Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) to see orangutans swinging through 130-year-old trees. Or even venture to Sulawesi to come face-to-face with the black crested macaque. Pretty cool, right?


Get up close and personal with curious creatures on this trip.

5. Family-friendly villas and hotels

Despite its reputation as the ideal honeymoon destination, Indonesia has its fair share of family-friendly villas and hotels, too. Some of our top picks are Clove Tree Hill Villas (for adventure right on your doorstep), Cap Karoso in Sumba (a sleek retreat with an array of activities for ‘little explorers’) and Tiger Blue (which takes sailing trips up a notch). This boat is seriously the stuff of dreams…


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