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Planning an Immersive Oman Holiday with a Dash of Adventure

by Sara Wells
Planning a holiday to Oman involves taking a look at and embracing the whole country, like this man is from the mountains

Planning a holiday to Oman and feeling a bit overwhelmed? As one of ETG’s Oman Experts, I’m here to help.  Oman is this amazing place where every corner has something new to discover – from quiet deserts to lively markets and cool mountain retreats. Let’s break it down together, so you can start looking forward to your adventure.

Choosing Where to Go in Oman

Oman’s packed with unique places to visit, each with its own vibe: 

  • Muscat is where old meets new. You’ve got ancient forts sitting alongside modern mosques. The Corniche area, with its souk and sea views, is a great spot to soak in the city’s atmosphere. Plus, the Bait Al Zubair Museum is full of Omani treasures.
  • Salalah is your go-to during the khareef season when everything turns green. It’s like stepping into another world with its beaches and historical ruins. The Salalah Tourism Festival is a blast, showcasing all things Omani.
  • Wahiba Sands is like an adventure playground. Imagine racing over dunes, chilling with camels, and camping under the stars. It’s a deep dive into Bedouin life and their incredible hospitality.
  • Nizwa gives you a taste of Oman’s rich history. Its fort and souk are bustling with life and history. Plus, it’s the gateway to some ancient villages where it feels like time’s stood still.
  • Jebel Akhdar is for nature lovers. Cool, green, and perfect for escaping the heat. Walking through its terraced gardens feels like you’re in another world. 

We’ve got some great holiday ideas that mix up all these experiences. From city tours and desert safaris to beach time and mountain escapes, there’s something for everyone. 

Our Oman Family Holiday itineraries are perfect for families or groups looking to immerse themselves in Oman’s natural beauty and culture 

When to Visit Oman

The best time to visit is between October and April – the weather’s cooler, making it comfy to explore. Each region has its own climate, so it’s always good to check what to expect before you go. 

Budgeting for Your Trip

Costs can swing a lot, depending on what you want to do. Generally, you’re looking at £3,950 – £8,500 per person, but it’s all about the choices you make, from where you stay to what adventures you decide to embark on. 

Rugged coastline and beach in Oman

Creating Your Travel Plan 

Mix it up with sights and relaxation. Think about adding both places rich in history like Muscat and spots where you can unwind like the beaches near Salalah.  

Value brought by ETG travel experts includes custom-tailored itineraries that match your preferences, ensuring a holiday that balances adventure with relaxation, all while being sustainable, and gets you insider access to exclusive personalised experiences other travel operators can’t offer. 

Booking Your Trip 

Starting early with flight and hotel bookings means you get the best deals. Oman has everything from fancy resorts to cool boutique hotels. Our experts find out everything you want and need for your ideal holiday, and arrange the best flights, prices, and accommodation styles to make your travel truly memorable.  

Visas and Other Must-Dos 

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. Make sure your passport’s got plenty of time left on it – at least six months from when you plan to come back. And check up on visa needs too; it’s all pretty straightforward but best to be sorted well in advance. When you book with us, you’ve got all your booking details and handy tips in our app, so everything you need is right there in your pocket. Have a look into travel insurance and any jabs you might need before you jet off – better safe than sorry! 

Getting these bits sorted before you head off means you can just relax and soak it all in once you’re there. Oman’s waiting with open arms, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. 

Oman Packing Tips 

When packing for a holiday to Oman you need to consider the varied activities and climates you’ll encounter, from the warm coastlines to cooler mountainous regions and the dry, hot desert. 

  • For the desert: Bring light clothes for the day and something warm for cooler nights. Sun protection’s a must. 
  • Beach gear: Swimwear, sunscreen, and sandals are your go-tos. 
  • Cultural visits: Dress modestly. Long sleeves and trousers or skirts are perfect. 
  • Outdoor adventures: Sturdy shoes and a hat will keep you comfy. 

Pre-trip Preparations 

  • Local Customs and Etiquette: 

Omanis are an incredibly welcoming bunch, always ready with a smile. But it’s nice to show a bit of effort from our side too, right? So, a bit of homework on the do’s and don’ts can go a long way. For starters, a friendly “hello” (that’s “As-salamu alaykum”) and dressing a bit conservatively, especially when you’re visiting places of worship or older parts of town, will show that you respect their ways. And trust me, it’s appreciated. 

  • Basic Phrases in Arabic 

Sure, loads of people speak English, especially around the tourist spots, but imagine the look on someone’s face when you thank them in Arabic (“Shukran”) or bid them goodbye (“Ma’assalama”). It’s those little things that can make a day, isn’t it? Plus, it’s fun to learn a few new words, and who knows, it might just get you a warmer welcome or a friendly tip on a hidden gem to visit. 

  • Cultural Significance 

Oman’s packed with history – from the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to ancient forts and lively souks. Giving these spots a quick read before you go not only adds to the excitement but also means you’ll get so much more out of your visits. Knowing the story behind a place just makes it stand out, doesn’t it? 

Culture in Oman

Getting Around 

Renting a car gives you freedom, but taxis work too. All ETG holidays include a private driver guide, to make your trip special, offering insights you might miss on your own – and let you really relax and immerse yourself without worrying about where, when, or how. 

Tasting Oman 

Omani food is a delicious blend of spices and flavours, blending Middle Eastern and Asian influences for a distinctive and memorable dining experience.  

Let’s break the cuisine down into simple, tasty bits, shall we? It’s all about hearty meals that bring people together. Picture this: a big, warm plate of rice, the heart of many Omani dishes, teamed up with juicy chunks of chicken, beef, or mutton. And by the coast, seafood’s the star of the show, fresh from the sea and onto your plate. 

Now, the magic in Omani cooking? It’s all in the spices. Think of cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, and turmeric not just as flavours, but as the soul of the dish, giving each bite a burst of Oman. 

You’ve got to try “Shuwa” – it’s a bit of a show-off at celebrations. Imagine lamb or goat, marinated and then slow-cooked to perfection in a pit underground. It comes out smoky, tender, and oh-so-flavourful. Then there’s “Majboos” or “Kabsa,” where spiced rice meets meat in a dance of flavours, and “Mashuai,” a simple yet stunning grilled fish dish that tastes like the sea. 

And here’s a pro tip: end your meal with a sip of traditional Omani coffee, “Qahwa,” usually cardamom-flavoured, and some dates. It’s not just a sweet finish – it’s a warm Omani welcome, a symbol of their legendary hospitality and friendship. 

Whether you fancy dining in luxury or grabbing a bite at a local eatery, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Spices in an Oman souq

Ready to Start Planning a Holiday to Oman? 

See, most holidays you’ll find to Oman stick to the same old script – a stay in a big-name hotel and day trips that feel like you’re just ticking boxes. That’s really not our style. We’re always on the hunt for places with character and experiences that let you dive into the local culture and take the metaphorical driving seat in your own adventure. A truly immersive holiday.

Oman is peaceful, its culture rich and welcoming, but often a bit more on the reserved side. That’s where our magic comes in. Our guides are all about creating meaningful moments – like sipping Omani coffee and sharing stories with locals, all while learning about the country in the most authentic way possible. 

So, if you’re after an Omani adventure that’s as unique as you are, we’re your people. With a bit of prep and some insider tips, your trip to Oman can be everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Dive into its history, culture, and natural beauty, and let it surprise you at every turn. If you’ve got questions or need a hand planning a holiday to Oman, just shout on 020 7924 7133 – I’m here to help.  

Let’s make your journey unforgettable, together. 


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