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Complete Guide to the Pink Beaches of Indonesia

by Poppy Weldon
Aerial view of pink sand beach in Indonesia
Aerial view of pink sand beach in Indonesia

Complete Guide to the Pink Beaches of Indonesia

Our world is home to some beautiful beaches, many offering the picturesque white and blue contrast that so many of us crave to see. Indonesia, however, has some unique shores that present something far more magical. With rose-tinted sands, the pink beaches of Indonesia top many travellers’ bucket lists. In our guide, we’ll explore the pink sand beaches of the country, which can be found in Lombok, Komodo Island,  Padar Island and North Sulawesi.

What Causes Pink Sand in Indonesia?

Indonesian pink sand beaches are coloured by microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera. The insects are characterised by their stark pink or red shells, contributing to the brilliant pink hue of the beaches. Blending with a mix of coral, shells and calcium carbonate matter, this creates an unusual yet gorgeously unique colour.

The Best Pink Beaches of Indonesia

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Komodo National Park sits in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago and is notorious for its eponymous dragons, green rolling hills and beautiful pink beaches. Arguably the most famous pink beach in the country.

The beach offers a striking strip of salmon-coloured sand, contrasting with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Here you can soak up the beach’s natural beauty, whilst enduring watersports of diving and snorkelling, allowing you to gaze at tropical fish and corals.

The closest city to the beach is the fishing town of Labuan Bajo, which has an airport and plenty of amenities to enjoy. Many people decide to travel here from Bali, and then take a boat trip to the beach.

Pink sand beach in Komodo National Park in Indonesia
Pink sand beach in Komodo National Park in Indonesia

Tangsi Beach, Lombok

Located on the southeast corner of Lombok is Tangsi Beach. The beach is tucked away from the regular tourist beaches of Kuta Lombok and can be found in the small village of Sekaroh. The pink shoreline offers ample snorkelling opportunities in its crystal waters, or you can simply recline and soak up the beautiful scenes on the soft sand. 

On a clear day, the sands of Tangsi Beach are a bright white-pink colour, with a stronger pink hue showing more vividly at sunset

Pink Beach, Padar Island

Padar Island offers one of the most colourful pink beaches in Indonesia. The beach is located on a hidden bay on the north side of the island, just a short boat ride away from the famous Padar Island hike viewpoint. The beach is equipped with small warungs (food tents) which provide all kinds of food and drinks to keep you refreshed during your visit. 

Pink Sand beach with rocks
Pink Sand beach with rocks

Serai Beach, North Sulawesi

At the tip of Indonesia sits Serai Beach, another perfectly pink beach. Here you can head into the waters to explore the stunning marine life, or take a boat trip to Talisa Island to glimpse the subtropical landscapes. The natural ecosystems here are preserved and sustainable practices are employed, providing the perfect destination for travellers to embrace the surrounding nature.

These idyllic coastal areas are best seen on bright sunny days, so we’d advise a visit on a clear day if possible. Based on the weather in Indonesia, May-September typically offers the sunniest, driest conditions for exploring the beaches, depending on which area of the country you want to visit.

Experience Indonesia

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