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Photo Competition Winner!

by Sam Clark

The judges, Marta MoreirasJordi Ruiz Cirera (Winner of The National Portrait Gallery Photography Portrait Award 2012) have spoken… and we have a winner!

Drumroll….. One Mr Paul McCarthy for this effort:

Experience Travel 1

The judges said:

Spontaneous and very well composed, all the subjects in the picture seem to be in the perfect position, which is very rare! The intensity of the colour brings to life an ordinary moment, transforming it into a meaningful and powerful image”

Well done Paul, who took this picture whilst on holiday with us in Vietnam earlier this year. Paul wins a day’s photography lesson with Marta around and about London.

We have 3 runner ups, who will all win framed prints. In no particular order they are:

Andy Bloxham:

Strange what you can see on the side of the road

Strange what you can see on the side of the road

The judges said:

Simple and just wonderful. Very natural and spontaneous, without being pretentious. The softness of the colours in the background, soft and calm, contrast with the elephant in the foreground. The frames of the car window surrounding the elephant turn the image from being a typical picture of an elephant into something unique and fun.”

Taken on holiday with us in Sri Lanka.

Alex McBride:

Alex McBride2

“A good shot of a landscape is always a challenge. It is essential to understand how the light can make it into something interesting to look at. The strength of the picture relies on the colour and the light of the moment, well captured and very moody, the mist and the blue palettes together create a great atmosphere.”

Taken on holiday with us in Sri Lanka.

Mike Collins:

Sri Lanka tea Koslanda Living heritage and Haputale 007

When you find beauty in an ordinary moment, all the elements around the subject come together and become organised like notes in a pentagram, which empowers that instant. Simple, well composed and colourful.  The geometry of the background drives your attention on the human presence and dignifies it.”

Taken on holiday with us in Sri Lanka in 2013.

For those that didn’t win do please read here for Marta and Jordi’s tips on improving your skills.

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