India tipping guidelines

It is customary to tip in India.  Staff will happily to accept and appreciate it.  Small tips (anything between 20 and 100 rupees) for small services, such as looking after shoes, carrying bags etc… are appreciated and bar staff also expect small tips.  However, please do not feel obliged to tip every time, or to give more than a small note.  


MD & Founder Sam with his driver


Per group travelling (couples and families) –

Taxi drivers do not expect tips but you can round up the fare to make it easier. In bars and restaurants you might see a 10% service charge added to the bill in some higher end restaurants.  However, if the service charge isn’t on the bill then 5-10% is appropriate and should be given directly to the waiter. Tourist guides and drivers do expect a tip and it is an integral part of their income. Please see below some suggested amounts for different services but feel free to adjust upwards or downwards depending on the level of service you receive:

Drivers for transfers from/to ports of arrival and departure   Rs 100-200
Reps who help you with the above transfers   Rs 150-300
Bell boys who carry your baggage to your room   Rs 25-50 (medium hotel)

Rs 50-100 (first class hotel)

Rs 100-200 (luxury hotel)

Drivers for sightseeing trips Half Day Rs 500
  Full Day Rs 750
Guides for sightseeing trips Half Day Rs 750
  Full Day Rs 1000
Drivers for long trips spread over many days   Rs 500 per day
Accompanying guide over many days   Rs 1000 per day


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