• Having only opened up to tourists relatively recently, there’s a nascent culture of tipping in Myanmar. We’d encourage tipping for particularly good service; wages are low so they’ll certainly be appreciated. That being said, do only tip on a merit basis and don’t feel obliged to do it. Here are our guidelines for tipping in Myanmar.

  • There is a strong tipping culture in Sri Lanka; wages are low so it’s an important additional way of making money. Of course, tips should be earned for good service rather than simply expected. Here are our guidelines for good tipping practise.

  • For most, opportunities to travel to Southeast Asia don’t come every month and so it’s important you make the most of your time in the region. As part of maximising your experience, we’d certainly recommend hiring a guide in Cambodia. Here are two key reasons why:

  • Organising a trip to Sri Lanka can seem complicated, but with a little expert advice, it quickly becomes more straightforward. The key is to remember that with all the preparation in the world, there’ll always be an element of spontaneity to your visit. Go with a plan, but a relaxed one at that, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time.

  • We asked one of our guides from Vietnam to talk a little bit about his life and motivations. Here, Ut explains his background, best memories with our travellers and interests.

  • We believe private guides have the power to make or break your holiday. That’s why we pay special attention to making sure you get the best of the best. Here we tell you a little more on our chauffeur-guides in Sri Lanka, who they are, how they get trained and what they love about their country and their work.