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Why family adventure holidays are crucial

by Alice Bayly

Holidays are often described as ‘a luxury.’ However, the reality is that they play a big role in helping us to relax, broaden our minds and to grow as people. Adventure holidays are particularly effective when it comes to overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries – and when you’re doing this together as a family the positive impact is huge.

1. Wellbeing and personal development

Adventure holidays range from cycling trips, through to sailing, dynamic yoga workshops through to skiing. However, one thing they all have in common is a challenge. For children, dealing with – and learning to overcome – challenge is crucial for personal development. Whether it’s managing with the fear of being under water when scuba diving or learning how to overcome shyness in a group of new people, family holidays that incorporate adventure teach some important lessons to kids at a very early age.

2. (Re)learning how to play with your children

When we become adults it’s very easy to forget how to play. This is unfortunate, as play is something that helps us keep perspective on the trials and tribulations of life – and it’s also a way to bond with our kids. Adventure holidays get everyone back into ‘play’ mode, whether you’re on the tennis courts or whooping out loud while steering a raft down some white water rapids. It not only helps the adults to relax and unwind but also creates a new channel through which parents who may have been absent can learn how to reconnect with children – on their level.

3. Family bonding time

The family that has adventures together, stays together. If that isn’t already a piece of established wisdom then it should be. Family holidays enjoyed together on an adventure don’t allow children to spend the whole time in the isolation of a mobile phone. They force family members to interact with each other, to make eye contact, to help and to communicate. Overcoming obstacles together, sharing beautiful sunrises, cooking, seeing, hearing and experiencing the world strengthens important family bonds.

4. The memories

Imagine spending a week at the beach with your family – lovely memories, no doubt. However, then imagine spending a week trekking through the jungle, tasting new food, swimming in waterfalls, trying to understand people speaking a different language and sharing the challenges of camping, horse riding and trying new activities such as kayaking or climbing. While every family holiday makes great memories, there’s no doubt that you get more bang for your buck where memories are concerned when you go on an adventure together.


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