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Why a holiday abroad is a good idea before your child goes off to university

by Alice Bayly

The time has come. GCSEs, A Levels, PTA meetings, report cards, UCAS, personal statements and enforced physical education are all now things of the past: your child is heading off to university.

Maybe they’re excited, maybe they’re scared; maybe they can’t wait to get stuck in, and maybe they’re agonizing over a (second) gap year. In any event, it is a period that is both exciting and uncertain, and familial support is as crucial as ever. Of course you can remind your children that they are loved and supported from the comfort of your own living room – and this will undoubtedly be enough. But if you want to mark the occasion with something extra special, a holiday abroad can be the perfect way to do it. Here are a few reasons to consider a holiday abroad before your not-a-child-anymore goes off to university:

1.Congratulating and celebrating!

Of course, you’ve already imploded with pride. School and exams can be immensely stressful, and your child has no doubt worked hard to secure their place at university – going on holiday abroad is just one of the many ways you can celebrate their achievements. It’s a bit of a cliché but, while presents are lovely, experiences are generally the things that last.

2.  They’re going to have lots of new experiences – be part of one

He or she is on the cusp of infinite new possibilities and experiences (and, let’s be honest, they’re probably not all going to be entirely wholesome). Going abroad together before your child makes the exciting leap from the nest ensures that you make a happy new memory to kick-start the university journey. For this reason, it may also be a great time to explore somewhere that’s new to the whole family; putting yourselves out of your comfort zone is always a guaranteed bonding experience.

3. Remind them family is a source of stability – and fun!

For most students, this will be the first time living away from home – perhaps they’ll even be in a new city or country. This is the time to show them that home will always be there. If you seldom argue or squabble, then great – this is a chance simply to enjoy each other’s company in an exciting surrounding. If you’ve perhaps had some difficulties during the teenage years, this is an opportunity to draw a line and move on. Remind them that home is a comforting, enjoyable place to be. Whilst it’s true that you don’t have to go abroad to do this, let’s be honest, something hilarious is always bound to happen on holiday. Bring on the tussles with local lingo, the encounters with exotic cuisine, and of course the dodgy tan lines!

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