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How to revise on holiday

by Alice Bayly

Tips on how to revise on holiday

If you have a trip planned but there are exams coming up – or you should be studying – then there’s no need to panic. Even if you’re on holiday there are still plenty of things that you can to do make sure that you get the study and revision time that you need.  Here is ETG’s guide on how to revise on holiday:

reading a book whilst in the sun on the beach


Be tech smart

There’s an enormous array of technical help when it comes to studying on the move now. From study apps, to Skype calls, you can access whatever help you need from your devices – you may not even need to have phone reception to do it. Before you go away think about what you might need to do before you go – download apps, create documents and add notes to a phone, laptop or tablet so that they can be accessed wherever in the world you are.

Use flash cards

If you don’t want to rely on technology while you’re away – or you want to avoid a lot of screen time – try flash cards instead. Flash cards are light, they’re simple to pack and carry and they’re enormously effective too. In revising terms flash cards enable you to break down revision into manageable chunks – perfect for avoiding panic and ideal for fitting in a session to a train ride, car trip or plane journey.

Keep up to date with your schedule

Whether you use a hard copy diary or set reminders on your phone, if you’re studying while on holiday it’s a good idea to make sure you know where you are with the course you’re on. Key reminders might include upcoming submission deadlines and exam dates, any milestones you need to reach, as well as information that should be sent to you on a certain date by teachers or classmates at home.

Divide revision topics

Dividing up the revision topics in a group means that everyone gets to work on the topic they know best. When you’re back together – or over Skype – share the study notes, explanations and context. Human beings tend to work better in groups and we learn best when we’re really engaged. You have a much better chance of picking up what you need to know if your friend explains it really well than after five hours with your head in a book – plus, you reduce your study/revision time commitment on holiday too.

Take earplugs

Noise can be really distracting, so make sure to take some earplugs to make sure your brain can really concentrate on the topic at hand. This might also mean revising outside is a good option, as long as you can focus, you shouldn’t have to resign yourself to indoor learning.

Take some breaks

You’re meant to be on holiday and if you spend the entire time working you won’t get a break and you’ll feel increasingly miserable. Dedicate time to study and then put everything away and go and do something totally different. The refreshing effect on your brain will enable you to study even more effectively when you come back to your books.

Do you have any tips on how to revise on holiday?  Let us know!  For tips on how to revise whilst on holiday even from your own house read this article by the experts.

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