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Tom Armstrong

Area of expertise

Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma

“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born.” Albert Einstein

Tom's Biog

Tom is one of our co-founders. Originally from London, he’s spent much of his adult life on the road, predominantly in Asia.

Having studied Drama at Bristol University, it seemed a future in the arts and media beckoned. However, despite stints in the camera departments of feature films and a prolonged period working for Channel 4 News (long before their acrimonious stand-off with the Sri Lankan government), the lure and adventure of travel proved too strong to resist.

Tom first fell in love with Sri Lanka in 1999 while on a voluntary teaching placement in rural Anamaduwa, a place he now calls home. An expert on all things Sri Lankan, Tom speaks fluent Sinhala and likes nothing more than exploring Sri Lanka by motorbike – a mode of transport he’s favoured to visit every district in the country. He is also part owner of The Mudhouse, a unique eco-lodge in rural Sri Lanka. 

His travel career started as an adventure tour leader for Explore Worldwide, taking him to Libya, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Spain, Madeira and Oman. During a fortnight break between tours in 2003, Tom went for a pint in London with his old school friend, Sam Clark, and discovering they had the same ideas for creating authentic, in-depth experiences, Experience Travel Group was born. They both quit their jobs and started out on their own, moving to Sri Lanka - the first of the company's destinations.  

Having performed a vast range of functions within the company over the years, Tom now concentrates on what he has always been best at; as ‘ETG-er at Large’ he researches and develops our product in our destinations and maintains relationships between the London office and our in-country partners. In his 'spare' time he commercially farms lettuce...

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Favourite Place

A spectacular location, quirky decoration, fabulous service and a host of memories over the years make this place very special to me.

Most Memorable

Gliding over Sigiriya at dawn is a sight that will never leave me. Truly magical.

Signature Itinerary

Forget the flights - overlanding through remote Laos and Vietnam is the way to go...

Top Tip

A little lime goes a long way...