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Food From Northern Laos

by Tom Armstrong

cover-rbg-front-243x312Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that some of the contributors have a natural bias toward food-orientated stories. From the start of our very first adventures in Asia, the quality, variety and sheer availability of delicious food has been a major factor in us continually returning or settling in this part of the world.

The cuisine of Thailand is well documented and well appreciated around the world, and Vietnamese food has also become much more popular as an export in recent years. However, we generally hear very little about the food options whilst holidaying in Laos, possibly because everything in Laos is a little less accessible than it is in neighbouring countries (which is part of the real beauty of the country). Thankfully, our friends at the excellent Boat Landing Guest House in Luang Nam Tha (a wonderful place to stay and explore for anyone travelling to Laos) have created a fabulous cookbook and online blog. Simply entitled Food From Northern Laos, the blog details the food culture, ingredients and cooking methods and is well worth a good read. With distinct similarities to ‘Isarn’ food on the rural north and east of Thailand, there are a number of true culinary delights to be discovered in this part of the region, especially when you get off the beaten track. We would recommend reading the blog and buying the book or, better still, planning a trip to Laos and finding out what all the fuss is about!

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