• Tipping is not common practice in Malaysian Borneo and most won’t expect it. In some tourist hot spots you may notice 10% service charge added to your restaurant bill. Otherwise tipping will be discretionary. Here’s our suggested guidelines for you holiday.

  • Nigel Tisdall, renowned travel writer and photographer, recently visited Kuching with Experience Travel Group. From exploring the riches of nearby Bako National Park, to discovering the English Brooke family’s legacy in Kuching itself, to climbing the lush (albeit steep!) Mt Serumbu, here he recounts his best experiences.

  • Borneo is a cultural melting pot and its food is a reflection of this. With Chinese, Malay and indigenous Bornean influences, there’s a variety of things to try. Here, country expert Lauren shares the favourite dishes she recommends sampling when visiting the island.

  • At just under an hour’s drive from Borneo’s Kuching International Airport, Bako National Park and the Santubong Peninsula offers an authentic jungle experience as soon as you’re off your flight. A favourite place for our new Borneo travel specialist, James, he gives his insights into visiting this idyllic region in the western state of Sarawak.