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Is Oman open for tourism?

by Melissa Nicholas
The beautiful, rugged landscape of the Musandam peninsula in north Oman

Can I visit Oman in 2021?

Updated: 19th July 2021

With Covid cases falling significantly and progress being made with the vaccination programme, it is increasingly likely that Oman will be ready to open for tourism later this year. With similar year-round good weather but without the slightly problematic (in Covid times) “major transit hub” status of its glitzier neighbours, Oman could be a great choice for a holiday when the European heat starts to fade from September.

Back in January, before the big second wave took hold in Europe (and Oman itself), there were plans to open 10-day visa-free travel to residents of 103 countries, including the United Kingdom. A negative test would have needed to be taken on arrival, an app downloaded, and you would then be free to travel in Oman. A similar set-up will likely come into place once tourism opens again. Since things have moved along since January, the PCR test may need to be combined with (or replaced by) proof of vaccination.

When will Oman open for Tourism?

8th January 2021

With good news in short supply recently we were pleased to hear that Oman is opening its doors to tourists with 10-day visa-free travel available to residents of 103 countries including the United Kingdom. We’re particularly excited about this news since we were just launching Oman as our latest destination as the pandemic began and we are itching to take travellers to this surprising and beautiful country. Whilst there are still some caveats in place for a holiday to Oman, it’s a positive step forward and since Nov-April is the perfect time to visit, the Sultanate is now a viable option for some winter sun.

Visitors will be tested upon arrival and will receive their results within 24 hours. Whilst a PCR test before travel is not required, we would suggest that taking one is prudent and we can make arrangements accordingly.

The main caveat is that Oman has not yet been added to the official FCDO corridor list. This means that you will be required to quarantine on return, but of course, it’s now possible to reduce this to 5-8 days with the test and release scheme (potentially as little as 5 days once the scheme beds in). As there is an FCDO advisory against travel to Oman for this reason, it’s also important you have the right travel insurance. This is possible, but not straightforward. We can advise on this too.

Once your negative PCR test result is received you are free to travel in Oman. So pretty much any of our Oman holidays (under 10 days) are an option. Everything we do is tailormade and built from scratch, so do get in touch to find the perfect trip for you. All travellers who book with us will be protected by our ‘Book with Confidence‘ guarantee.

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If you would like more Oman travel advice or help planning a holiday for 2021 and beyond, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can make an enquiry online or give us a call on 020 7924 7133 . Alternatively, take a look at other destinations that you are able to book now for future travel.

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