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by Sam Clark

One of the reasons people travel is to stay in incredible accommodation.  Whether it be luxurious private islands or humble, remote eco-lodges, everyone has their own tastes in accommodation.  Hotels in South & Southeast Asia are full of variety with new options coming online all the time and properties going through re-vamps and changes.  As specialists in travel and holidays to the region we’re always on the ball and ‘The Hotel Hub’ is the place to come up for up to date information on hotels in South and Southeast Asia.

December 2018

New hotel openings in Asia for 2019

Another year, another batch of brilliant new hotels. Here’s our pick of the most exciting boutique and luxury hotels opening this year in Asia, to give you something to look forward to…

NOTE: The extra hotel-savvy among you may sense a little déjà vu with a few of these properties. Your mind is not playing tricks on you: several were due to open in the past year, but for one reason or another their completion has been pushed back. Kind of like Brexit. Except we suspect that, once finalised, the hotels will be met with much more unanimous approval…

Wa Ale Island Resort, Myanmar

We’ve been excited about this property for quite some time. In October 2018 the Wa Ale Island Resort became the first luxury property to open in the 800 islands of the beautiful Mergui Archipelago. This sustainably built resort is comprised of 3 treetop villas and 11 luxury tent-style beach villas. It’s situated in a private cove in a marine park, in rugged beach landscapes – think luxury meets Jurassic Park, as my colleague put it after he visited. Though technically part of Myanmar, it can be most easily reached from Southern Thailand, so could work well with a visit to either country.

Wa Ale Island Resort

Goatfell, Sri Lanka

A modern take on the colonial plantation experience, Goatfell is a century-old tea estate manager’s bungalow refurbished in contemporary style. Situated on the Concordia Estate in Nuwarya Eliya, in Sri Lanka’s beautiful tea country, the four-bedroom bungalow hotel is surrounded by lush tea bushes and mountain views opening onto a garden with infinity pool. The property is all-inclusive with focus on gourmet food and butler service and, crucially, good value.

Goatfell Hotel Tea Country Sri Lanka

Nine Skies, Sri Lanka

Near the popular town of Ella lies another beautifully renovated bungalow on a working tea estate. The hotel gets its name from the famous nine-arch viaduct that is just a short walk from the property. Like Goatfell, it has been designed in a more modern style rather than the colonial aesthetic which many tea country hotels in Sri Lanka opt for, but it still maintains the character and a feel for the heritage. This property offers five bedrooms, spectacular views and an infinity pool.

Six Senses, Bhutan

In the evocative Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Six Senses will be opening five boutique lodges in key spots across the country: Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang and Paro. Two members of the ETG team recently visited Bhutan and can say that these intimate lodges are set to be absolutely beautiful: with luxury meeting traditional Bhutanese style, exceptional mountain views and excellent facilities.  For more information, you can read this blog from our Product Direct Melissa on what to expect from hotels in Bhutan.

Bhutan Six Senses Luxury Hotel

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas, Vietnam

A new branch of the luxury Anantara hotel group is set to open in south-central Vietnam this January. Anantara Quy Nhon is found in a secluded bay with wide beaches and emerald waters. Each villa will be fitted with a private pool, butler service and unique spa offerings including coconut milk baths. It’s made up of 26 one- and two-bedroom ocean-facing villas designed to blend with the natural environments.

Anantara Quy Nhon

Legacy Yen Tu, Vietnam

An exciting and characteristically ambitious new project from architect Bill Bensley that will put a 13th-century pilgrimage site on the global tourism map. Yen Tu mountain is found in Northern Vietnam and is considered the cradle of Trúc Lâm Zen Buddhism – around one million pilgrims visit the sacred site every year. The new hotel will combine modern, world-class facilities with design redolent of the heritage and traditions of the historical site. The property is set to open this January, and bound to be an exciting development on the scene.

Legacy Yen Tu Vietnam Mountain Luxury Hotel

Rosewood Bangkok, Thailand

A new development of the luxury Rosewood hotel group will be opening in Bangkok’s business district in 2019. The dynamic design has already got people talking: a 33-storey building slopes down from the top to a jutting point, something like a ‘play’ button on a remote control. It offers 159 spacious guestrooms, three restaurants and bars, a spa, fitness centre and swimming pool. Definitely one to capture the interest of those keen on architecture, modern design and incredibly high-end luxury. A stay here could be worked into any of our Thailand holidays.

Rosewood Bangkok

Bawah Reserve, Riau Islands

We recently visited the extraordinary Bawah Island Resort in the Riau Islands, which opened at the beginning of 2018. Accessed only from Singapore, it is made up of a group of five tropical rainforest islands wrapped by coral reefs. Bawah has a strong environmental ethos: each of the 35 suites are created from eco-friendly materials that were harvested in the least intrusive way. The luxurious beach, gardens and overwater bungalows feel exclusive yet in harmony with the natural surroundings. Perfect for couples and families alike.

Raffles, Singapore

Though by no means a new opening, the iconic Raffles hotel Singapore is in the process of a major refurbishment with a re-opening planned for mid-2019. Originally opened in 1887, the hotel plans to maintain certain traditional features and charm – including the famous Singapore Sling experience in the Long Bar and afternoon tea in the lobby – yet bring a modern edge. In particular, the restaurants are due for a big overhaul: three-Michelin starred chef Anne Sophie Pic will head up La Dame de Pic, which serves innovative French cuisine, and Alain Ducasse will lead a new Mediterranean restaurant.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

January 2018

New hotels and ideas in South & Southeast Asia for 2018

The re-emergence of Laos

We’re seeing a trend towards Laos for 2018. Since a brief renaissance in 2010, little landlocked Laos has been overlooked in favour of Myanmar and neighbouring Vietnam and Cambodia. Our theory is that once Myanmar opened up in 2011, it took many intrepid travellers with it. Unfortunately more recently, Myanmar has struggled with the Rohingya issue in Rakhine state and we’ve seen a sharp drop in enquiries. It seems no coincidence, then, that enquiries to Laos have gone up 30% since last September, with bookings starting to follow suit. It seems the perfect destination for those after peace, serenity, astounding scenery and, crucially, crowd avoidance. We sense a buzz growing.


Travel as a Digital Detox

At ETG we’ve been talking and thinking a lot about travel in 2018. How it’s no longer about getting off the beaten path, but more about getting away from life and seeing the world afresh. ETG has launched two family tours specifically designed to get the kids (and the parents!) completely off their devices and into a fully immerse travel experience. Reconnect as a family! Cast aside Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook and all the rest and breath in the fresh air, interact with actual people in real life and observe the incredible wildlife all around you. Plenty of comfort and luxury in there too – but you must commit to restricting devices! Tours in Sri Lanka and Borneo from £2995 per person fully inclusive of international flights, hotels, most meals, guiding, excursions and transport.

Sri Lanka

Re-booting Borneo

We’ve noticed that Borneo has become a bit stale recently with many operators offering exactly the same tours and routes. It is a huge shame that you visit somewhere as exotic and impossibly romantic as Borneo and end up in a huge beach resort with hundreds of other tourists. We’ve teamed up with a fantastic local company to ensure we can offer sharp insights and fresh tours, in places like Sapulot in Sabah where you can stay in a hammock or a tribal lodge and get a glimpse of another way of living. There is magic here in Borneo and tourism done in the right way can be a hugely important force for conservation. You don’t even need to venture too far from the beaten track to find it. From £3,350 per person fully inclusive of international flights, hotels, most meals, guiding, excursions and transport.


Far-flung Indonesian islands: the must-visit for 2018?

Since May 2017, we’ve seen an unprecedented spike in demand for Indonesia’s outlying islands – places such as SulawesiFlores, Sumatra, and Sumba. Perhaps the secret is finally out? Indonesia has some of the most extraordinary travelling experiences accessible to us in the world. You need not be super intrepid to explore these far-flung islands as there is plenty of comforts to be had along the way and an absolute cornucopia of travel experiences. All you need is some curiosity and a sense of adventure!

Vietnam: moving on from the 5 H’s

Travellers to Vietnam cover the same old route over and over: the 5 H’s (and 1 S!) Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi Minh and Sapa. Whilst these are fantastic places, in 2018, we’re suggesting that all of our clients add in at least one alternative twist and see a side of Vietnam that is often overlooked. It seems the Vietnamese tourist board are keen on this approach as well, as last year they pledged to invest more money than ever into tourism and are stated their aim to steer visitors away from the populous sites. Try visiting the Ninh Binh region for natural beauty (inland Halong Bay), Hue as an alternative to very heavily touristy Hoi An, or go up to Phu Loung for trekking and exploring the extraordinary hill tribe cultures instead of Sapa. Ideal for travellers who seek a fresh perspective and are curious to push their travel comfort zone.

Top 3 new hotel openings in 2018 for ETG

The most exciting new hotel opening in Asia for 2018 is…

Shinta Mani Wild, from the legendary hotel designer Bill Bensley, opening up (with the aim to preserve) a great area of wilderness in South East Asia, the parks of Cardamom, Bokor and Kiriom. It’ll probably be at the ‘once in a lifetime’ scale of affordability – we predict rates from around $700-1000 per person per night all-inclusive. We can’t see it being much less with the planned high-end luxury, pioneering new location and commitment to conservation.

New Hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka continues to boom with excellent new hotels opening all the time. Really exciting openings in the past 6 months, or slated for 2018 are Wild Coast, a luxury eco-lodge near Yala, Wattura, an unusual and high-end wellness retreat, Notary’s House, a beautiful traditional little boutique hotel for decompression on arrival and Ishq– a luxury tropical villa on Sri Lanka’s south coast.

Exterior of Notary's House with path leading up to building

Southern Cambodia and Koh Rong Archipelago opening up as a luxury beach Destination

The south of Cambodia is really opening up for beach holidays now with the development of the Koh Rong Archipelago. Joining the legendary Song Saa is the just-opened Royal Sands Hotel and the coming-some-time Alila Koh Russey. Not only that, but it’s now possible to fly direct from KL to Sihanoukville and from 2018 there are rumours of direct flights from Bangkok.  In general, we’re predicting that Cambodia will now become a luxury travel destination in its own right…not just the beaches.

January 2017

New Hotels & Travel Themes for 2017

MD & Founder, Sam Clark, provides his round-up of the most exciting new hotels in South and Southeast Asia. From luxury tented lodges in the wild to exclusive island beach resorts – he passes on his top recommendations for places to stay on your next trip. 


Wild Coast Tented LodgeThis is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list. I’m focusing almost exclusively on high-end hotel openings: those glamorous or exciting enough to get some ETG attention. We have high standards and ration our pre-excitement – does the proposed new hotel fill a niche? Does it have pedigree behind it? Is it going to bring a new perspective on the location or country for our discerning travellers?

We’ll start, as usual, in Sri Lanka, where recent years have seen a spate of new openings island wide. With Chena Huts, Tri and Fort Bazaar, the south of Sri Lanka saw several high-profile openings in 2016. We can expect more of the same in 2017. The hospitality arm of Dilmah team, Resplendent Ceylon, are opening Wild Coast Tented Lodge near Yala in late 2017, which should be very exciting. They are also opening Sigiriya Resort in 2018, while Red Rocks Beach Camp, on the white sands of Kuchalveli, a pristine beach 20-minutes’ drive north of Trincomalee, will follow at some point too.

Both these hotels look exciting and we hope that Resplendent Ceylon can hit the high notes they reached with Tea Trails, Sri Lanka’s first truly high-end hotel experience and still, in our experience, top of the tree. If they do it will open a whole new area for luxury tourism in Sri Lanka, a country where tourists have traditionally been concentrated in only a third of the country.  

Another region where supply has not kept up with demand is in the hills themselves. The aforementioned Tea Trails is very often fully booked and, in any case, right at the very top end of the budget range. Coming in to fill the void are three new tea plantation bungalows opening in late 2017: GoatfellPekoe House and Nine Skies, all from Teardrop Hotels (The Wallawe and The Fort Bazaar). After the success of Fort Bazaar this year, we expect great things of these intriguingly named small hotels.


Ahas Pokuna

Also worth mentioning is a brand new opening called Ahas Pokuna, which looks incredible. It’s a real labour of love from Anuruddha Bandara, the founder of Eco Team, a high-end safari operator. He has converted part of his family’s land into a private nature reserve and a super high-end safari-style lodge with the aim of bringing walking safaris to Sri Lanka. At ETG we’re all in favour of a more natural, get out and explore approach to wildlife tourism – where necessary and when it doesn’t interfere with the local wildlife. We think it brings a more nuanced understanding of the natural world and, just as importantly, can be much more fun. It’s a new direction for Sri Lanka.


Guesthouse, local island in The Maldives

In The Maldives, we think it’s all about taking a few days to explore one of the ‘proper’ islands, by which we mean those islands where people actually live and not those that can be easily reached from neighbouring resorts. Discerning travellers are loving the chance to stay in these utterly remote and other-worldly little places at one or other of the great little guesthouses and mini-hotels that have sprung up. There’s nothing wrong with combining that with some Robinson Crusoe magic at one of the superstar resorts too and, as ever, The Maldives works brilliantly combined with neighbouring Sri Lanka: see our suggested holiday here; you’ll experience The Maldives in a way that we can promise will be entirely different to almost all other visitors to this incredible country.

Moving down to Southeast Asia, one of the big openings is a new Six Senses in Cambodia – an upscale resort on tiny Krabey Island. It will be competition for Song Saa and it’s an absolutely amazing location for a luxury hotel. I really hope they do it justice and are as committed to environmental sustainability as Song Saa have been.

There are whispers too of a super-high-end tented camp-type place opening in the countryside near Phnom Penh. It will add a very interesting new element to Cambodia holidays at the top end of the market. It comes from the Shinta Mani group (with the Bill Bensley-designed Shintamani hotel in Siem Reap), a progressive hotel group bringing a new level of expertise into Cambodia, and this has to be a positive thing. For more boutique hotels in Cambodia, have a look here.

Cape Kudu

Cape Kudu, Koyao Noi

Over in Thailand there are, as ever, plenty of new hotels and re-workings of older places. Among the new places definitely opening, Cape Kudu caught my eye. Koh Yao Noi is my personal favourite of the Thai islands, with just enough going on to give you options for popping out for a bite or a sunset beer, but much quieter and more peaceful than any of the other larger islands, especially in peak season. This new resort is part of the ‘Cape Collection’, most well-known of which is Cape Panwa on Phuket. Other than this, I’m struggling to see the value in many of the new hotels in Thailand.

There is also a decent amount of activity in Vietnam. With plenty of the country as yet totally undeveloped for tourism, there’s so much scope for a well-planned expansion to their tourism offering. Unfortunately, most of the new hotel openings look fairly boring: new Sheratons and so on and so forth. Phou Quoc Island is being developed at a ferocious pace, though some of the hotels look promising: a JW Marriot, for example. I think, however, that the time to visit Phou Quoc is now: it is still a lovely island with fantastic low-key hotels. For how much longer though, I just don’t know.

Lak Tented camp

Lak Tented Camp

One place I am excited about in Vietnam, however, is the Lak Tented Camp. Vietnam is really lacking in terms of ‘eco’ style places – or at least places that are heavily inspired and influenced by their natural surroundings. It is also close to Saigon, which makes it easily accessible for most visitors.

Apparently, Four Seasons have also begun work on a new hotel in Hanoi, which should be interesting, especially after they took over management at the incomparable Nam Hai in 2016. No news yet though, on any likely opening date.

We are seeing a sharp upturn in demand for Indonesia beyond Java and Bali to some of the smaller (or at least less well known) outlying islands, and we expect to see this trend continue. There are some excellent new hotels opening on Lombok later this year too, such as the Legian Lombok, to add to Indonesia’s extraordinary accomplishment in the field of boutique hotels.

Back west to India and we are quite excited about the east of India – Calcutta, Darjeeling and Sikkim – this year. Exploring the heart of Buddhism, post-colonial Calcutta and the wildlife in the Sundarbans,  is certainly high on my list for the coming year.

The owners of Glenburn Tea Estate (a really fabulous place in Darjeeling) are opening a hotel in Calcutta, overlooking the Victoria Memorial, called The Penthouse. With that kind of pedigree and location, I suspect that it is going to be spectacular and offer a whole new high-end element for the city that does not currently exist. Along with Glenburn up in Darjeeling, it will also dovetail well with the fabulous Rajbari Bawali, which opened only last year and is an hour’s drive from Calcutta itself.

Along with some really fantastic walking tours and options for exploring the unique Bengali historical/cultural/culinary heritage, the east of India and Calcutta is coming of age, I think. It really opens up Calcutta and Darjeeling as a high-end combination option. We are developing a luxury tour to launch along these lines later this year: let us know if it’s an interesting idea to you. As a side note, I’ve used the name Calcutta here, rather than the correct Kolkata: there is an excellent little blog on the subject here!

In general, across India, the trend towards converting forts into hotels (both luxury and otherwise) continues inexorably. India has an almost inexhaustible supply of mind-boggling forts and palaces and there are few better modern uses for them than as evocative and atmospheric hotels. Firm dates are hard to come by in India – we generally announce new hotels once they have opened and we’ve seen them – but watch this space.

Houseboat in backwaters in India

In the south, the excellent hotel group CGH Earth, are opening Wayanad Wild in the rainforest in the Wayanad region of northern Kerala. This is interesting as it opens up the north for an off-the-beaten-track but luxury holiday experience. The north of Kerala is really where it is at – culturally fascinating, remote, beautiful, wilder than the south and you still have the chance to see Cochin, the backwaters and beyond on route if you so wish.

We think South India will come back in a big way this year and we are predicting a trend towards visiting Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and other less well-known Indian states alongside Kerala, as well as more itineraries that include the less well-visited area of northern Kerala. We are promoting Tamil Nadu and beyond pretty heavily for 2017–18 as we think there is so much to see, and it is fantastic value, too.

November 2016

Perfect hotels for a Summer Holiday in 2017

If you wanted to include an extra special, unique element to your next summer holiday, why not consider staying in a new hotel? Here, we’re rounding up the best set to open in time. Do note that construction schedules can sometimes change and rates for rooms may not be listed yet – but this article is a good place to start for inspiration. 

Six Senses, Krabey (Cambodia) – to open 2017

Comprising of 40 pool villas set on a carefully landscaped 30 acre island, Six Senses Krabey on an island off Cambodia’s south coast is hotly anticipated. To reach the island is easy, fly to Sihanoukville and take a 10 minute transfer by car to the main jetty where you can check in. From there, it’s just a short boat ride to the island itself. The pool villas will all feature plunge pools, outdoor decking for private sunbathing and beautifully designed bedrooms with canopied netting and bathtubs.

Six Senses Krabey Island3_hires

Goatfell, Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka) – opening April/May 2017

Located on a working tea estate, just 25 minutes from Nuwara Eliya, in the heart of Sri Lanka’s magnificent hill country, Goatfell, one of Teardrop Hotels’ newest hotels, consists of 4 ensuite bedrooms in the main house, 2 luxurious stand-alone chalets, living and dining rooms and a swimming pool. With a focus on outstanding cuisine and efficient yet unobtrusive service, guests will immediately feel at home whilst being able to enjoy the fresh air and stunning views from the bungalow’s beautifully manicured gardens.

tea country1

Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur (India) – opening 2017

A lovingly restored luxury resort, Alila Fort is set in Bishnagarh village and is only a 45 minute drive from the Amber Fort as well as other major sights. The views from the 59 rooms are stunning and interiors are spacious and comfortable. The open-air terrace are the perfect place for a sun-downer and with a spa to boot, it is a highly anticipated new opening. about-us-fortbishangarh

The Planter’s House, Koslanda (Sri Lanka) – recently opened

A beautiful colonial property in the original Lipton Estate, The Planter’s House is an incredibly relaxing and authentic place to stay when visiting Sri Lanka’s hill country. With the infinity pool, croquet lawn, badminton equipment, spa treatments and stunning walks through the plantations nearby, there are plenty of activities to do in the surrounding area.

Newly opened summer 2016, it’s still a hidden gem, so definitely book this beautiful property for next year sooner rather than later – before the secret gets out!

planters house

President by Akaryn, Vientiane (Laos) – to open 2017

A beautiful new hotel in Vientiane, reminiscent of colonial architecture yet contemporary in amenities and service, it’s the luxury address for visits to the Laotian capital.  An onsite spa means you can indulge in some truly relaxing experiences away from the more busy centres of the city. The hotel is situated next to Parliament House where the Laos National assembly convenes and opposite the vast Chou Anouvong Park.


Nine Skies, Demodera (Sri Lanka) – opening April/May 2017

Just a few minutes along the tea lined estate roads from Demodera Railway Station, stands Nine Skies, a majestic former tea planter’s bungalow turned 6-bedroom luxury hotel. Set within several acres of private gardens are the hotel’s croquet lawn, swimming pool and sun deck, with wonderful views across the valley to the working tea factory and famous Demodera loop. The bungalow’s name is thanks to the nine arch viaduct, through which it is possible to see ‘nine skies’ when looking up through the arches.

Train (2)

Soneva Jani, Maldives – opening late 2016

In the crystal clear waters of Doonu Lagoon lies Soneva Jani. A string over over-water villas emerge our of crystal clear waters whilst island residencies emerge from coconut tree-fringed, white-sand beaches. It’s an exclusive experience for those wanting an extra special Maldives stay.


January 2016

2016 Hotel Recommendations

For the new year, we asked our team to nominate their favourite hotels and explain why. From sumptuous luxury experiences to learning traditional archery, here’s our selection. 

Sam Clark, Co-Founder & Managing Director: Castle Bijaipur – India

“Quirky and idiosyncratic, just the way I like hotels – we finished our stay being serenaded at breakfast by the waiter we had made friends with over the past few days. Meeting the proud aristocratic family who has owned the land for several hundred years was a real experience. If it felt like staying in a remote and dusty castle, that’s because that’s exactly what it is! ”


Melissa, Product Director: Buri Rasa Koh Phangan – Thailand

‘This is just ideal for families, I’m going there in April on my way back from Australia for some much needed R&R.”


Philly, Content Editor: Blue Mansion, Penang – Malaysia

“I’m a period building enthusiast, so when I pulled up to the Blue Mansion Penang I was in my element. I stayed in the old kitchen room, which was huge, and I had my own private jacuzzi. Everyone was jealous. I felt guilty, but not for very long.”

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion2

Matt, Travel Specialist: Reni Pani – India

Its staff and owners are genuinely lovely people, the experiences in the national park are top notch and varied – walking, boat trips, jeep and camping safari! The hotel is the perfect balance of comfort, style and in keeping with its surrounding, using local craftsmanship and materials.

David, Travel Specialist: The Savoy – Yangon

“Charming small hotel with a lovely pool and atmospheric bar ideal for a pre-dinner drink or two.”


Becky, Travel Specialist: Jeeva Beloam – Indonesia

“No signal, electricity only 2 hours a day, the most incredible beach I have ever seen- I defy anyone not to be relaxed here!”

115J9460 CROP

James, Travel Specialist: Taj Falakuma – India

“Opulence defined, this beautiful palace from the Nizam Dynasty has stunning views over the old city of Hyderabad. The horse-drawn carriage that brings you up the mile long drive makes a great first impression!”

taj falankuma palace (12)

Linda, Head of Marketing & Digital: Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge – Sri Lanka

“It’s close to nature and really luxurious at the same time. I appreciated the slightly cooler climate as well which was really refreshing!”


Lucy, Travel Specialist: Kamu Lodge – Laos

“The activities here are just incredible – archery, in particular, looks fun!”

Kamu Lodge - Archery 2

Matt, Travel Specialist: Makunudu – The Maldives

“It’s an ETG favourite, but it’s had a facelift and raring to go for 2016. It only has 36 beachfront rooms and has kept it’s Robinson Crusoe feel. With such low-density rooms, not super flashy like many Maldives resorts. It’s the actual dream.”


Lauren, Travel Specialist: Nam Hai – Vietnam

“One of the most luxurious hotels in Vietnam, the service and facilities are amazing and it’s location is one of the best (on a beautiful beach and only 15 minutes from Hoi An).”


Nick, Travel Specialist: Keburne Estate Cottages – Sri Lanka

“It has got the best setting imaginable and is a great place to spend time with a family/small group. The food is fantastic and the staff are incredibly friendly and make the place full of character. Perfect for a relaxing few days reading a book or for walking in the surrounding hills. Also, the place that clients are always pleasantly surprised with!”


Becky, Travel Specialist: Surya Shanti – Indonesia

“Amazing value property set in rural Bali. Perfect for getting away from the crowded south and for exploring rural/traditional farmlands. This is authentic Bali!”


January 2015

Luxury Hotel openings in Southeast Asia for 2015

1. Keemala – Phuket, Thailand

Set amidst woodland streams, trees and waterfalls are these unique villas, tents, tree houses and clay cottages. They are designed to represent mythical early Phuket settlers.

Multi story villas either side of a stream under a canopy of trees in Keemala, Phuket.

2. Alila Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia

The architecture of this resort is designed to resemble a rice paddy field, with lots of green spaces. It’s also very sleek and modern, in one of the most fashionable parts of Bali.

View over the ocean from a room with floor to ceiling windows at Alila Seminyak

3. Anantara Tangalle – Sri Lanka

An exciting new opening on the south coast of Sri Lanka, this Anantara will have superb pool villas set over 18 hectares of coconut palm groves.

A pool villa at Anantara Tangalle which is right on the ocean front with palm trees swaying in the background

4. Phum Baitang – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Lovely villas set across acres of lush gardens and paddy fields, this hotel is close to the Temples of Angkor but is still a haven of tranquillity. The villas all reflect traditional Khmer design.

The inside of a villa at Phum Baitang with the bed in the centre

5. Mandapa Ubud – Bali, Indonesia

In a beautiful natural setting on the Ayung River, the suites and villas here a very luxurious and there are plenty of nods to traditional Balinese design and architecture.

A bedroom in Mandapa Ubud. There is a dining table, bed and view behind the room of rice terraces

6. Raffles Jakarta – Java, Indonesia 

Outdoor swimming pool, expansive spa, a large variety of dining options, luxurious rooms and slick service – everything you’d expect of a Raffles hotel in the heart of Jakarta’s Central Business District.

A close up picture of the corner of a bed and the bath in Raffles, Jakarta

7. Ani Villas – Dikwella, Sri Lanka

From the architects behind the Nam Hai and Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam, this breathtaking beach front property has an intimate feel with only 15 guest rooms as well as incredible facilities for leisure, dining and families.

7. Ani Villas

To speak to a Sri Lanka specialist, click here.


8. Chedi Club Jimbaran – Bali, Indonesia

GHM’s latest offering is due to open this year is nestled amidst rolling hills onyl a short distance from gorgeous beaches and the warm Indian Ocean. The pool villas are absolutely stunning, and include butler service as standard.

8. Chedi Club Jimbaran

To speak to an Indonesia specialist, click here.


9. Akaryn – Koh Krabeay, Cambodia

The newest private island retreat comes to Cambodia in the form of Akaryn, with 35 private pool villas offering ultimate privacy with day beds, infinity pools and all-round luxury.

9. Akaryn Siem Reap













To speak to a Cambodia specialist, click here.


10. Shangri-La Hambantota – South Coast, Sri Lanka

Close to Yala and Bundala National Parks, this hotel has a gorgeous beach, 375 rooms set amidst coconut plantations and its very own 18-hole golf course.

10. Shangri La Hambantota










To speak to a Sri Lanka specialist, click here.


11. Tri Lanka Koggala Lake – Galle, Sri Lanka

An intimate, sustainable eco-friendly resort that is inspired by and immerses with nature. Recycled building materials, architecture based on nature’s fundamental geometric principles and grass covered roofs all make for a truly unique resort.

10. Tri Lanka

To speak to a Sri Lanka specialist, click here.








If you would like to discuss any of the mentioned hotels with an expert, do get in touch on 020 3468 9584 or drop us an email here. We have various example itineraries for privately guided tailor-made trips that can provide you with holiday inspiration. 

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