Responsible Travel Policy

The Experience Travel Group Sustainable Travel Policy is about continual improvement, monitoring and evaluation. Therefore we aim to be completely transparent with our policy. Our detailed plan is updated bi-annually and you can read it here. We aim to be clear about our targets, our achievements and where we could do better.

The following is an overview of our current policy:

Mission Statement:

We recognize that the travel industry has the potential to generate both environmental and cultural impacts and we are committed to minimizing these negative impacts and improving the environment of both our UK base and in our destination countries. We are committed to maximizing the positive impacts of monetary and cross-cultural exchanges between our clients and the local communities in our destination countries.


Become industry leaders in our destination countries with regards to ethical and environmental issues including wildlife and cultural ‘experiences’, hotels, modes of transport and other extras provided to clients both pre-travel and during.


In line with our mission statement and vision, we commit in the long term to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Run a self-awareness campaign with relation to energy consumption and sustainability within our UK office.
  • Reduce energy consumption within our UK office by 30% over the next6 months
  • Embed sustainable development principles into the core business practices throughout Experience Travel Group, both in the UK office and in the offices of our ground handlers.
  • Work with all parties affected by our business, including clients, colleagues, suppliers, industry partners and local communities, to ensure that the experiences we offer cause minimal disturbance whilst providing the utmost enjoyment for the client.
  • Increase focus of sustainable options throughout our destination countries.
  • Encourage suppliers to improve their product with regards to making it more sustainable.

If you would like to find out more, we welcome any Experience Travel Group client who would like to do so, to come along for a meeting and contribute ideas towards our policy. Please contact us if you would be interested in doing so.

For our full policy please read here

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