How Much Does It Cost?

As every holiday is unique, prices vary. To give you an indication, two-week holidays range from roughly £2,500 to £7,000 per adult, with an average price of £3,200. We also offer substantial child and seasonal discounts.  

We don’t make any booking fee and the package price is built up from all the different elements included. The total price you’ll be charged depends entirely on the quality and price of the hotels, how much is included and the type of flights. Although we only offer a total package price, we’re very happy to talk you through how the cost is built up and work through ways of saving money or adding in elements of luxury along the way.

We make our profit by using our buying power to purchase the elements at a considerably lower price than they sell for directly. All the elements of the holiday exclusive to us are sold at the same rate to all of our clients and the research and development that has gone into these elements is reflected in the total cost.

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