Mount Victoria

Surrounded by lush natural parkland, Mount Victoria is a 3,053 metre peak in the Chin Hills range of western Myanmar. Ascending Mt. Victoria is not complicated and extremely rewarding: outstanding views of mountain scenery and a distant pagoda and Buddha statue greet you at the peak. In the cooler months (November to February), you can enjoy the brightly coloured rhododendrons, and at all times of year you might be lucky enough to spot rare and endemic bird species such as the white-browed nuthatch. Thrillingly, the Nat Ma Taung National Park region surrounding Mt. Victoria is still home to several indigenous tribes, including the Chin tribe whose women have distinctive tattoo markings on their faces.

Hiking, cycling and bird watching are popular reasons to visit Mount Victoria and the Nat Ma Taung National Park surrounding it, especially since the permit requirement has been abolished. You can visit the mountain by arriving in Nyaung U and riding in a jeep to Mindat, then hiking from there. Mindat is home to the Ya, Upu and Dai tribes, and you’ll spot the distinctive facial tattoo work on the older women in the village. Alternatively, a popular base camp for Mt. Victoria visits is Kanpetlet. Here, you’ll find rural village life full of homesteads and simple churches.

An ascent of Mount Victoria is a wonderful and rewarding way to get to know the jungle landscapes and surrounding countryside. Talk to Experience Travel to discover more about Mt. Victoria, the Chin Hills range, Nat Ma Taung National Park and Myanmar.

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