Bundala National Park

Located on the coast, 245 km southeast of Colombo, Bundala National Park is a fantastic maze of waterways, lagoons and dunes that glitter like gold in the glowing evening sun. Designated sanctuary status in 1969, awarded Ramsar status in 1991, and National Park status in 1993, the park is Sri Lanka’s fourth UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its wealth of wetland birds. The park provides a home to thousands of colourful birds ranging from little bee-eaters to large open-billed storks and the rare Black-necked stork, and Lesser Adjutant. It is possible to see flocks of over 1000 Greater Flamingos here as well as large flocks of numerous other species. The park also contains over 48 reptile species, 52 species of butterfly, 15 species of amphibian and 32 mammal species, not to mention the numerous fish, birds and invertebrates.

In short, Bundala National Park is a wildlife watchers dream. Known predominantly for its abundance of rare and wonderful birds, the park is a must-see for amateur and professional twitchers alike. The outgoing, friendly herd of elephants that roam these parts also mean the park will win favour with those who are more inclined to mammals, so too will the Toque Macaques, Common Langurs, Jackals, Leopards and Fishing Cats.

Focussing on particular animal groups aside, this special place is a paradise for simply sitting back and enjoying nature.

Bring a lightweight jacket and long trousers (for leech protection). Good shoes for walking are also recommended.

Bundala is an important part of our Sri Lanka’s Birds tour. This 16 day tour takes in the best birding sights of Sri Lanka and is for those who really want to get out there and get a flavour of Sri Lanka’s extraordinary biodiversity. 

A great base for exploring Bundala is Buckingham Place in Rekewa. 


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