South Sulawesi

Some of Indonesia’s most unsual and wonderful tribal villages can be found deep in beautiful, rural South Sulawesi. The Kajang, Toraja and Bugin are the main tribes here, a mixture of coastal seafarers, agricultural farmers and livestock cultivators. The diversity and breadth of their way of life is a reflection of the geographical diversity of the region. The Torajans in particular follow a hybrid religion of animism and Christianity, and have outlandish funeral ceremonies including mass slaughter of cows and pigs. Eerie tau-tau effigies are stuffed into hillside tombs and giant boat shaped houses are built to house the family, their grain and their embalmed dead under one roof. The breath-taking mountains that encircle these tribes make for some of Indonesia’s best trekking, and the pristine beaches are perfect for relaxing in the sun or snorkelling and diving. 

A visit to South Sulawesi is an incredible journey od discovery. 

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