Hue is one of Vietnam’s cultural and academic centers and was formerly the capital of the country. It is a beautiful town located on the shores of the perfume river with a distinct social and culinary identity. The town has somehow avoided the changes that economic development has brought across the country and retains a charming face of lakes, canals and lush vegetation. The main attraction is the ancient citadel which provides clues to the magnificent imperial city that once stood here. Easy going and laid back, this town is certainly worth a few days of exploration and there are some excellent hotels to enable you to soak up the unique atmosphere and cusine. La Residence is one of the best hotels in Vietnam. The Pilgrimage Village is located just outside the town and has great facilities. The Orchid Hue is a really cheap and cheerful hotel in the heart of town with a rich and long history.

The town is particularly well known for its many speciality food best sampled at local stalls and street kitchens. There is far too much to list here, but the banh khoai is a wonderfully tasty pancake and the platter of snacks usually sold at about about four or five in the afternoon is truly mouthwatering. Hue is also famous for its noodles dishes and has its own delicately flavoured version of noodle and rice soups.

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