Halong Bay

A short trip east of Hanoi lies ones of Vietnam’s real wonders; Halong Bay. The name translates as “dragon descending” and the area is steeped in mystery, myth and legend.

Comprising spectacular limestone karsts, cliffs, arches and coves, this coastal landscape is one of Vietnam’s most memorable sights. The bay encompasses 1,500 sq kilometres and is dotted with well over 3,000 limestone islands and islets.

It is possible to explore the coast on day trips or stay overnight onboard some of the traditional Chinese-style junk boats. Excellent seafood is the culinary speciality here. With well equipped cabins to ensure comfort whilst cruising around the spectacular scenery, a trip to this region is highly recommended.

Safety onboard the junks is most important to us which is why we only use junks operated by reputable operators with unblemished safety records. We insist on seeing the full safety plan before booking a new boat.  Beyond that, we suggest that it is worth thinking about a smaller boat which gets away from the main route in search of less crowded waters. The Indochina Red Dragon company does this extremely well.  

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