Chauffeur-Guides in Sri Lanka

"I would recommend Upali for  an outstanding guide award. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and would go to any lengths to make my stay as pleasant as possible. And as guides go, he ticked all the boxes and was the most efficient guide I have ever encountered after travelling to over two hundred countries."

Journeying around Sri Lanka is an experience in itself. Sharing the road with carts, cows three-wheels, weaving motorcyclists, cattle and ancient trucks should keep you on alert if nothing else.

Almost all casual visitors to the country hire a vehicle and driver. 

At Experience Travel we have a compact roster of highly experienced drivers. We know them all well and are confident in all of their abilities to provide an excellent service. All came to us with excellent personal references and we use them over and over. Our drivers are well paid and well looked after. The vehicles are constantly maintained and checked.

Most vehicles are Japanese, AC, saloon cars. We also have 4WD's, mini-vans which can carry up to 7 passengers and mini-buses for large groups. 

All of our tailor-made and set itineraries include the following:

  • All travel between destinations.
  • 100km per day flexible mileage allowance. 
  • Fully qualified tourist chauffeur/guide.
  • Chauffeur/guide’s accommodation. *
  • Chauffeur/guide’s living costs.
  • All petrol, toll and related costs.

In the event of a breakdown we will immediately replace the vehicle and driver and ensure that your holiday proceeds uninterrupted. 

If you require a different kind of vehicle please let us know. We can arrange vans, mini vans, four-wheel drives, luxury vehicles and so on. We do our best to ensure that all our vehicles are equipped with European style, shoulder seat belts in the back seats and we can guarantee that for families on request. This sounds basic but back seat belts (European style shoulder belts) are extremely rare in Sri Lanka.

We also have excellent quality 'Maxi-Cosi' baby seats for children under the age of 1, Maxi-Cosi toddler seats for those under 4 and boosters for children under 10. 

Note: There are cheaper, more restrictive options available. Please contact us.

* Please note that we arrange decent accommodation for our drivers. The accommodation offered by hotels is sometimes sub-standard and if this is the case, we pay for your driver to stay somewhere he can be assured of a decent nights sleep. We will also always pay for overnight accommodation for a driver if he has an early start from a far off destination. 

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