Lankayan Island

Shimmering clear blue water, white sands, colourful reefs and tropical jungle make Lankayan Island an untouched paradise for diving, exploring, and relaxing. Just 90 minutes north of Sandakan by boat, Lankayan is a part of a sprawling Marine Protected Area off the north-eastern coast of Borneo, acclaimed for its complex ecosystems and wide variety of flora and fauna species.

The diving on Lankayan Island is exquisite – choose from more than 30 dive sites. Divers can explore shipwrecks, spot treasured whale sharks, and view vibrant coral reefs and tropical marine life in every colour imaginable. Blacktip sharks, yellow tail barracudas, parrotfishes, and spider crabs all make their home in the waters nearby. Head to Jawfish Lair to spot trumpet fish, ghost pipe fish, blue ribbon eels, and peacock mantis shrimps, as well as the giant jawfish itself.

Nestled within the Sea Turtle Corridor, the island becomes a nesting site in turtle season, the perfect place to witness the hatching and releasing of baby green and hawksbill turtles firsthand.

Experience Travel Group has the benefit of local knowledge – we know the best hotels, the friendliest guides, and the hottest dive sites. If you’re keen to take some time to explore this incredible part of the world, get in touch and let us help you plan an exotic holiday on Lankayan Island.

NB: As of January 2015 the UK FCO advised against travel to Lankayan Island. Please contact us for the latest information. 


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