Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Pirates used to hide out on Pangkor Island, and it’s easy to see why: the tiny island is best described as a treasure. Its serene beaches are dotted with palm trees, and the clear waters here are a vivid shade of aqua blue. Pangkor Island is seldom frequented by tourists, and as such, its lovely green jungle remains pristine. Come to this beautiful island for a slightly more rugged escape from the beaten tourist track.

Equidistant from Kuala Lumpur and Penang on Peninsula Malaysia’s west coast, Pangkor Island occupies just eight square kilometres of space. You can access the island by plane from KL a few times a week, or catch the ferry from Lumut. Once you’ve reached the island, you can be transported from A to B in bright pink microvan taxis. Just be sure to negotiate the fare before you get going.

The island is dotted with provincial fishing villages with lovely traditional houses. The main street of the town has a quaint selection of street eats, shops, cafes, and restaurants. For beach time, the finest shore is Coral Bay with its beautiful emerald green water and fabulous sunsets. Shallow waters and plenty of shade can be found on popular Pasir Bogak beach.

We’ve stayed in the hotels, tried the restaurants and done the tours. If you’re planning on visiting Pangkor Island for a spot of relaxation, talk to us and let us help you plan a visit as part of your Malay holiday.


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