Holiday in Singapore

Singapore is, of course, not part of Malaysia at all but it’s only a short distance from KL or Malacca so works well with a holiday here. Historically significant as a trading post for the British East India Company in the colonial era, Singapore remains one of the world’s busiest ports and is also one of Asia’s most orderly cities.

Shopping malls, five-star hotels and skyscrapers dominate the landscape but there is more to Singapore than initially meets the eye. The modern structures are interspersed with lush green parks, temples and colonial era buildings and at Experience Travel Group our walking tours offer the best way to get a feel for this diversity. A highlight of Singapore is the cuisine, so we definitely recommend trying some on your tour; with Chinese, Malay and Indian influence, it is especially delicious.

The famous sights of Singapore are not to be missed either. A visit to The Botanical Gardens and its famous orchid garden is a must as is a trip to the Raffles Hotel to enjoy a Singapore Sling in the place of its birth. If your budget allows of course you could splash out on an overnight stay here too.

Call Experience Travel Group and let us share our tips to help you plan the perfect visit to Singapore.



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