Tioman Island

Dotted with laid-back fishing villages and covered in lush green jungle trails, Tioman Island is world renowned for its incredible natural beauty. The island’s tropical landscape featured in the 1958 film South Pacific, chosen as the background for the famous song ‘Bali Hai’. Just over 30km east off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman Island can be reached by boat and is well worth the trip. Experience absolute seclusion on the beaches, world-class diving and snorkelling, and some seriously stunning waterfalls in the lush tropical jungle.

Part of the protected Mersing marine park, the waters surrounding Tioman Island are home to an abundance of colourful marine life, including parrot fish, green turtles, scorpions, yellow tailed fusiliers, and blue dotted stingrays. Scuba divers flock here to explore wrecks and white coral reefs. On land, the massive monitor lizards roam freely across the island.

Visitors can get to Tioman Island by boat. Three ferries per day complete the journey from Mersing on the mainland in just two hours. Once you’re there, catch a ferry or a 4WD taxi to different parts of the island, or simply travel through the jungle on foot.

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