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Sri Lanka Hill Country Bungalows

by Sam Clark

Sad news today that Netherbyres Bungalow, near Bandarawela, is no longer available for paying customers. It is a great place and all of our guests have had a wonderful time there – with its incredibly authentic atmosphere. Thanks so much to Ajita the owner and the family!

For those wanting the cool charms of an up-country retreat, there are still some great options. The tea Trails bungalows are the original up-market tea country experience and the service is unrivalled. Bonnielands is not in the same luxury bracket but for fun and authenticity, it cannot be beaten as Gemma Bowes from the UK Guardian found out!

The Dutch House in Bandarawela is equally as exclusive and luxurious as Tea Trails, but definitely a more personal experience. Kelbourne Bungalows is not as cheap as it once was, but great fun and they have the best views in the country I think. Other options, in a slightly different area, would be EllertonĀ and Rangala House. Both of which means slightly less travelling time to get there as they are close to Kandy, so really suit those looking to limit driving time.

These are all unique and special places which will suit different people. Talk to us to find out more – we’d be delighted to go through the options. What all the places have in common is that they are places to let the fresh hill air and the peace and tranquillity of the upcountry region – wash over and replenish!

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